North Ruckus

North Ruckus is a small media company based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada that works with businesses both small and large to achieve their media, advertising, publishing, and web or music goals. What separates us from everyone else is the personal touch and dedication to success for every project we take on, no matter how big or small.

We provide attractive publishing deals for grass-roots level bands and labels. Our experience is rooted in 15+ years of DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude and big business results! With digital exposure on over 200 of the World's most popular digital music outlets (including iTunes, PureTracks, Rhapsody, etc), we can get your music heard and help struggling musicians earn real livings.

North Ruckus can plan, manage and execute your online and grass-roots level marketing campaigns. Our experience is in hitting the streets, getting your name/brand out in the minds and mouths of people who are doing things, saying things and creating buzz. We also specialize in online ad campaigns with Google Adwords, Analytics and monetizing your website; earning additional advertising income to put back into your company, band, product or pockets.

Experienced in any size project from small home based businesses and internet start-ups (we even run a few start-ups of our own) to Fortune 500 companies, North Ruckus has 8 years of professional experience and a proven winning track record. We can also build more than just a nice online business card; we can design and develop custom tools or sites to solve specific business needs using today's latest technologies.

Some of the companies we've worked with: Microsoft, Mikart, Darlings of Chelsea, Modified, The Terror Jets,,, i4i,, DearCEO, Biogen Idec, Inspire, Bayer, State of Ohio, McLean Watson,,,, Devan World, The Parkas, Miss Fitness, and more.

North Ruckus Record Company is the newest addition to the North Ruckus family. We are officially launching our first record on the North Ruckus label (see Darlings of Chelsea) Tues May 26, 2009. We may be new to this, but we do have 15+ years of experience playing in touring bands, making records, making videos, and releasing records on major labels. Our strong web experience positions us perfectly to excel in today's challenging markets and evolving music industry.

Need funding for your next record, video, tour, etc??? We know the best places to get funding for you situation and can write the applications for you, increasing your chances to get funding!

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North Ruckus Record Company